Instagrammability Affects Architecture

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Instagrammability Affects Architecture

Driven by social changes, the architecture and design industry has already gone through various stages of evolution. A new small revolution that is increasingly finding its way into the everyday life of architects and designers is the phenomenon of Instagrammability.

Instagram – An increasing design factor in your life

The influence of social media on your life, especially the photo platform Instagram, is increasing significantly. What you have actually experienced and seen is increasingly reflected in your online footprint. Thus, the actual presence in the room increasingly merges with one’s own virtual world.

People shape their lives and choose their whereabouts based on how well they can be represented on social media. In the future, the online impact and especially the Instagram attractiveness of a physical location will have a significant impact on the construction and design process.  Instagrammability becomes a real milestone for architecture. People go for likes for Instagram.

likes for Instagram

Instagrammability wants to be skilful

Instagrammability is much more than just a colourful wall in front of which a selfie can be taken. The Instagrammable instant must do fairness to the environment, authentic mood, and the place. However, you must not over-stage them. Rather, it is about creating an iconic place close to the zeitgeist that has the potential to become the hashtag.

In order to be able to establish themselves, Instagrammable places require a long service life and must not wear out too quickly or become redundant for the community. This is one more reason why you should anchor deeply Instagrammability in spatial design. Some rules definitely apply when creating Instagrammable places. The more contrasting, unknown, colourful, and last but not least more extreme, the higher the Instagram attractiveness.

Instagrammability in the construction process – what does that mean?

During the construction process, the motto “form follows function” also applies to the topic of Instagrammability. You should define the Instagrammable spot as early as the design phase. From a specific view to an entire building, the scale of the Instagrammable space can differ depending on the project. Entire façade designs are now being designed specifically for the Instagram theme. Alternatively, an iconic wall in the interior can also be sufficient to leave the desired impression.

The use of strategic zones is essential. It is not uncommon for precisely these strategic zones to be located in areas that are otherwise used operationally. The conscious decision is made to rededicate them in favour of Instagrammability. A suitable photo angle is one of the most important points when choosing a spot. The targeted alignment of the lighting must not be neglected either.