Planning Steps to Architectural Design

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Planning Steps to Architectural Design

Planning a house is very complex and involves many steps. It is therefore advisable to hire an architect who will take on this challenging task and create the design professionally.

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Architectural design planning steps to your dream home

Space and needs analysis

Every plan and every strategic step is always preceded by analysis, and that doesn’t just apply to the architecture. The architect gets to know you at the first meeting and asks about your wishes. You will also determine the quality and usage requirements.  The architect will also inquire about your planning principles, the legal provisions and the requirements of the authorities. This is the basis for the preliminary design.

You might also need packaging specialists in this stage with regard to quality and usage requirements. They can help with packaging materials for your wall art and others.

Preliminary design planning

The first solution proposed by the architect is called the preliminary design. This is the first graphic representation of the proposed spatial implementation of the spatial and functional program. The architect will intensively coordinate the draft with you step by step so that you really get your dream house. Therefore, the architect encloses an explanatory report, which is a textual translation of the visual design.

The draft

Once you approve the preliminary design, the architect begins the design planning. You will specify the construction project together with the architect. The overall design comes as a graphic representation on a scale of 1:100. In addition to the small representation, you will also receive the object description and an explanatory report for examination. The cost calculation from the preliminary design is specified on the basis of the cost sums of service groups or building elements. You’ll get a better and better idea of ​​how much your dream home will cost you.

The approval planning

When the house design is finalized and meets your requirements, the architect begins the planning permission. You need to submit this in order for you to construct the building. The aim is for you to get the building permit through the building application. Approval planning may only be drawn up by experts, i.e. architects and civil engineers.

The implementation planning

Once they grant the building permit, the implementation planning begins. The existing design and approval planning will be adapted so that the construction project can be implemented without any problems. Among other things, you need to determine the quantities. The determination of quantities on the basis of the execution plans serves as the basis for drawing up service descriptions with service lists according to service areas.