What is Architecture

Design Of Architecture

Architecture covers every stage of a construction project from its planning, design and the actual construction of the building.

The True Meaning of Architecture

The word “architecture” has also been adopted to describe other designed systems which include but not limited to the following:

  • Computer architecture (in particular for software)
  • Music architecture (used by composers)
  • Poetic architecture (or digital poetry) and;
  • Political architecture (usually meaning something like liberalism or republicanism).

The truth is, the word “architect” comes from the Greek words archi(stem) “master” and konstruktos “builder”.

Architecture as a Form of Art

Due to the intricate process that is put on to every architectural project and the majestic results that architects and engineers can deliver, it is sometimes considered as an expression of art.

Aside from applying artistic skills and creativity, ensuring that the design prepared is backed by science. This is in a way that it can withstand the abuse of external factors like strong winds, heavy rains, storms and so forth.