Design Of Architecture


Although the term “style” has many different connotations, it often refers to the blend of creative and technological characteristics that serve as the cornerstone of an endeavor or concept. As a consequence, architecture is considered to be the base and the first stage preceding the realization of an idea.

Architectural Design

Classical architecture is a discipline that focuses on resolving and achieving the requirements and goals of constructing living spaces through the use of specialized tools but, most important, creativity. As a result, contrary to popular belief, the purpose of architecture is to combine both technological and aesthetic considerations.

Architecture Categories and Illustrations

In fact, architecture is comprised of many other fields. We could only preserve the productive component, but we must also consider other branches that contribute to the creation of a full project. In general, knowing the function of the building is the foundation of design and architecture.

Style of Design and Architecture

This style of design and architecture is already adopted in several areas, such as The Royal Health clinic in Australia as well as the High Defensive line Park in Nyc. These really are two distinct instances of sustainable and green architectures, which do not just present the purpose of rest or detachment from the urban environment.