Why Sims 4 is the Perfect Architecture Simulation Game

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Why Sims 4 is the Perfect Architecture Simulation Game

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Actually, I should have sent my girlfriend to the presentation of The Sims 4 at Gamescom where other games like these PC games downloads are highlighted. After all, I think it has all the add-ons to the third part and its hour counter has long since reached the four-digit range. After a few days full of joy, I lose my desire and thirst for variety. On the other hand, she can easily spend two hours at a time just making a Sim.

More freedom through simplification

Therefore, she could only have dragged the security personnel out of the presentation room. There, the Maxis team showed the new editor and let everyone present create their own Sim. In the settings, you no longer want to refer players to fixed options. Instead, the mouse pointer moves to the desired problem area and changes the body through direct intervention. Grab your hips and pull them wide. Or you grab your belly and create a misshapen beer belly. Regulators are only available for adjusting fat and muscle. You do the rest directly with the mouse. All body zones can be easily adapted to your wishes. In the face, you can be even more critical. Zooms up to the nose and changes the individual parts.

I quickly pulled my Sim an ugly hump, spread his nostrils, and bent the disfigured nose like a rake towards his mouth. By eliminating controls and prefabricated facial features, it seems less complex at first glance. But in truth, you’ll find more attitudes than before. Only much simplified. It didn’t take a minute until I really disfigured every region of my body according to my rather abstruse ideas. Unfortunately, this does not apply to hair. Although the developers promise an increased selection of possibilities, a direct change in shape or length is missing. At least you can now put a hat on every hairstyle.

Another innovation in the design of your virtual puppets is visual expressions of their personality. Choose your own gait for a Sim. Let him wrinkle his nose while running or strut confidently across the streets. Sounds like an unimportant detail, but clarifies their cartoonish charisma. Overall, the current style is a bit reminiscent of Disney characters. According to Maxis, this makes it easier to portray their emotions and also easily exaggerated, which would seem ridiculous and unbelievable in a realistic style.


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The Sims: Daily Soap

“Emotion is an important part of the game, so it only makes sense that the look reflects that focus.”

Emotions are an important part of the game, so it only makes sense that the look reflects that focus. In addition to the normal scores that determine your Sim’s satisfaction, each character is in an emotional state. In love, sad, depressed, or angry are stages that your Sims fluctuate between. Play your friend a sad song on the violin to trigger depression in him or reduce your anger during physical exertion on the sandbag. All conditions have certain advantages and disadvantages. While you prefer to stay away from other people with an annoyed Sim, the fitness level increases faster during training. On the other hand, if your Sim is cheerful and confident, new options open up for conversations. By the way, conversations in a group now look much livelier because, with three or more people, Sims turn their heads to the current speaker and react more strongly to his statements.

What inspired me personally during the presentation were the new possibilities in the construction and furnishing of the houses. You are still allowed to create each wall individually. Much more convenient, on the other hand, is the selection of different shapes, which you then pull to the right size. Put an L-shape on the floor and increase the area by briefly moving the walls. If there is already furniture inside, it automatically adapts to the change. Individual rooms can be easily moved by drag and drop or even moved to the next floor. The same applies to roofs, which automatically join together if you create them from individual shapes and parts. It seems incredibly simple and fast without sacrificing complexity. You don’t like the height of a wall? You’re welcome! Grab one side with the mouse and drag it up or down.

Thus, in just a few moments, a finished house consisting of six rooms plus a roof was created. Even the exterior façade including doors and windows was complete. When it comes to furniture, a similar game awaits you. Again, a combination of simple prefabricated furnishings and meticulous self-construction applies. Like in an IKEA catalog, you can browse through various room templates. If you like the complete package, simply drag it from the picture to the room. It automatically adapts to the surface. Or you just grab the desired item and create the kitchen of your dreams.