Cabinet: Modern Furnishing Style

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Cabinet: Modern Furnishing Style

The terms modern and contemporary are often used interchangeably. And while they share some similarities, they are two very different design styles.

While contemporary interior design continues to evolve and reflect popular and current styles, modern interior design specifically refers to a design trend that emerged around the twentieth century.

Modern interior design sticks to a fairly strict format, unlike contemporary design which can have numerous variations. This format shares some similarities with Scandinavian and minimalist design styles. Today, both architects and designers of wholesale cabinets use modern elements in contemporary design.

Cabinets: What exactly is modern design when it comes to interior design?

Modern design is characterized by furniture with simple form and function and the use of natural materials such as wood. Modern interiors concentrate on functionality, simplicity, and clean lines to create minimalist yet welcoming spaces.

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What are the elements of a modern design?

Simple forms with a focus on function

The form should follow a function in modern design. Modern-style furniture is characterized by low, horizontal pieces and clean lines, usually made from natural materials such as wood or leather. The surfaces are smooth with little to no flourishes or decoration. Geometric shapes are often used. There are no intricately detailed pieces and very few curves. Instead, the focus is on the simplicity and function of the design.

Natural materials and an earthy color palette

The modern interior design uses materials such as metals, real wood, and leather. The color palette is earthy, warm, and neutral, often following a monochromatic color scheme.

Open spaces and natural light

The modern design accentuates rooms. They are typically characterized by open and barrier-free floor plans and many unadorned windows. These two design elements form a more spacious, lighter, and airier feel.

Modern interior design ideas

The traditional modern decor is simple and functional. It is based on a neutral color scheme and the use of natural materials that add natural warmth to the design style. However, since there are numerous versions of modern design styles, you will choose your modern interior design based on the style that appeals to you.

Modern style

In modern interior design, a large single work of art, rather than multiple smaller pieces, creates a modernist look. Cubism, fauvism, and abstract art impeccably capture the essence of the original modernist movement.

Midcentury furniture

Characterized by warm woods, clean lines, and rich upholstery tones, mid-century furniture is a fine example of a simple, functional design.