When in France, Take More Selfies of the Country’s Dazzling Architectural Designs

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When in France, Take More Selfies of the Country’s Dazzling Architectural Designs

Many who get to visit France realize that The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower are not the only architectural designs that can truly impress. Although The Louvre and Eiffel Tower are the most popular cultural symbols, we want to mention other architectural landmarks that became witness to France’s colorful history of powerful monarchs.

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Palace of Versailles


The palace of Versailles remains to this date as the most stunning and glittering example of French architecture. Although originally built as a hunting lodge to accommodate French nobles during their hunting expeditions, King Louis XIV, ordered its transformation into a palace fit for a king, complete with golden decors, and hallway of mirrors when he became France’s ruler 1643–1715. The Palace of Versailles main showstopping attractions are the gardens, especially when visitors get to capture the autumn colors in their selfie photos.

Monastery of Mont-Saint-Michel

The second most-visited and photographed scenic destination in France is the Monastery of Mont-Saint-Michel because of the history linking the monastery to the country’s medieval past. Although the monastery had seen and been through the numerous Middle Ages wars between England and France.

It’s fortunate that such a grandiose religious citadel still stands today as subjects of photography. Especially now when photographic opportunities are easy to come by, capture as image ir video clip and store in one’s gallery, using only a smartphone.

The Religious Shrines of Rocamadour

Visitors looking to take the most vivid photos in other popular landmarks, make it a point to visit the medieval town of Rocamadour. Offering numerous pilgrimage routes winding through streets and houses made of medieval cobblestones, the town immediately conveys a deep sense of spirituality while visiting churches.

A famous example of a shrine most visited in the picturesque town of Rocamadour is the Black Madonna, an image of the Virgin carved out of black wood. Just to be clear, the Black Madonna shrine is a pilgrimage destination for mariners or sea voyagers looking to have protection while at sea.