What Every Architect Needs to Know About the Design Process

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What Every Architect Needs to Know About the Design Process

Understanding the architectural design’s many processes can make your workday considerably more efficient. Whether you’re just starting out in the architectural field or have years of expertise under your belt, you can always benefit from hearing how the pros handle their workload.

Essential Procedures in Building Construction

Preliminary Layout

The architect will meet with the client and examine the site to get a feel for what they are looking for in a finished building. The designer then moves on to sketching up high-level concepts for the project.

Phase of Documentation

At this stage, often known as the “blueprint” stage, more comprehensive drawings will be created. Intricate planning and material selection are tasks assigned to architects.

Negotiation (Bidding)

At this stage, the designer selects a contractor from among those who bid on the project. The contractors will be given access to the design and drawings in order to inspect the work and make any necessary changes.

Governance of Building Construction

The architect will take the role of client advocate. Checking in with contractors and personnel to see whether they are following instructions is a must. Doing so requires weekly site visits to assess progress and address any issues that have arisen.